Michael Novick AIA | 2010 Laurel Hill Drive | Kingwood, Texas 77339 | Office: (281) 706 - 9090  Cell: (720) 270 - 9596
The firm was founded in 2003 by Michael Novick, AIA and Irene Novick. As well as the more traditional client/architect project relationship MN2 has successfully collaborated with numerous entities on many, some fast track, design/build project delivery platforms.

This firm practices and encourages the concepts and use of materials and performance of Green and Sustainable Architecture.
Our Mission:

For our clients who rightfully desire greater value, efficiency, communication, cost savings and creative solutions then we, as your Architect have and take seriously the responsibility for the successful execution of your project that extends well beyond the drawings, specifications and construction documents.
Our Intent:

To introduce to our client the marriage of the concepts and potential of the successful outcome of true interactive design. Project execution can occur within the custom residential and commercial development disciplines and via the practice and perspective of good contemporary architecture and the tenets of proper prior planning
Who We Are:

MN2 Architecture llc is an interactive, multi-discipline, full service turn-key design source to the custom residential and commercial retail sectors of the built and yet to be built enviornment. These services are available to the client, developer, contractors and other professionals in the architecture and design fields.
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